The Arctic Convoys: Art for Remembrance

Clouds Clearing
(St Petersburg tryptych 1)

The first image of the tryptych gifted to the Arctic Convoy Museum, St Petersburg. The moon shows her face.

Moon and Surf
(St Petersburg tryptych 2)

An image that represents the darkness terror and acceptance at the hands of our fellow man.

Spirit of the Albatross
(St Petersburg tryptych 3)

A new moon just before nightfall. The vibrancy of the light blues contrasts with the dark and sombre moods of the other two paintings in the tryptych. The albatross flies towards the light at that moment of transition between the sun setting and the moon rising. The bird is ghostly, indicating the presence of past lives as it flies just above the horizon and a gentle cloud formation defining calm and peace. In the foreground, tumultuous waves are breaking under the surface to convey a connection with all the tragic losses at sea.