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front cover of the document I was presented with after the presentation of the paintings.

The words that have been written in this document that I was presented with will always overwhelm me.
The use of art as a medium of emotion is fundamental.We are all moved by an artist of our choice presenting us with beauty or questions.

The horror of war has been depicted so powerfully by Picasso in his painting ‘Guernica’ His response to the Spanish civil war. You can almost hear the screaming and feel the terror in this monumental work.

Within my three paintings the emphasis is on isolation and fear in death, but in my final piece ‘The Spirit of the Albatross’ I want to show optimism, and a connection to all who lost their lives. To make at least some sense of the terrible losses that has given us decades of peace that we are all able to enjoy today. 

This beautiful coin/ medal was presented to me by Yuri in memory of all who served in The Arctic Convoys.

Editorial for The Press and Journal – Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Yuri Alexandrov Captain 1st rank.

The St Petersburg Forum
View from the hermitage

Script made readable from the presentation document